ICA ensures that credentialing organizations consider the full scope of their certification programs. Decisions made during the test development process impact your operations, credentialing administration, and ultimately, your impact on the market. Find out how our services can help you.

ICA consultants bring many years of experience in managing credentialing programs Find out more about us.

What We Do

ICA provides consulting services to organizations that offer various assessment programs including licensure, certification, certificates, and more.

ICA serves its clients by combining expertise in:
  • credentialing
  • exam development
  • psychometrics
  • accreditation (ANSI - 17024, E2659; NCCA Standard)
  • standards development
  • experimental psychology
  • organizational psychology
  • research design
  • product management
  • project management
  • program evaluation
  • survey research
  • marketing

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